Slot Machines to Come to Dog and Horse Tracks Soon – Slot Madness

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Slot Machines to Come to Dog and Horse Tracks Soon

Dog and horse races have been sanctioned by the state of Florida for several decades. The horse and dog tracks in the state make millions for the government, and the facilities make even more money from their patrons. The horse and dog tracks have been featured in TV and movies as places where people can casually spend their disposable income.

There is a new form of gambling coming to the state in the form of slots. A court ruling could come down soon that will completely change the way horse and dog tracks offer entertainment for their customers. The proposed plan in the state congress benefits everyone from the track owners to their customers.

#1: New Rules

New rules for gambling establishments would allow for slots to be placed in locations that currently hold a gambling license. Horse and dog tracks are all licensed by the state, and these tracks can easily purchase new machines the moment the bill passes the state congress. It will not take long for these tracks to add a feature that many people will come to enjoy.

#2: Bringing the Spouse

Handicappers who go to the track alone can bring their spouses for an afternoon or evening of gambling at the track. The handicappers can stay right on the rails as they watch the races, and a spouse may go play the slots. These machines will be located in concourse areas that are easy to reach, and some tracks may choose to house their machines in special gambling rooms.

#3: New Slots

The new machines that will move into old Florida dog and horse tracks will be the most entertaining in the industry. Slot manufacturers have created new and interesting ways to play slots, and you will find each new machine enticing. The horse and dog track near your home may have slots that you particularly enjoy, and you can sit down at it whenever you like. Vegas is coming to your doorstep.

#4: The Many Styles of Slots

Slots in 2015 are roleplaying casino games that feature many levels you must pass to continue in the game. Your spouse may handicap horses, but you will choose how much to bet on each spin of the machine. You can choose paylines in the games that will net you massive winnings when you get them right. The thrill of the hunt has been taken off the track for those who do not like racing.

#5: The End Goal

Florida horse and dog tracks want new customers coming through the doors every day. The races are not attractive to every Florida resident, but the slots are a new draw for customers who have avoided the track in the past. Someone who is uninterested in the dog races at the track can find a place to mingle with other slot lovers, but the state benefits from more taxes on the machines.

Slots are likely coming to the horse and dog tracks of Florida, and those who enjoy gambling can skip the trip to Vegas. The new slot machines that could move in will help bored spouses play a little on their own at the track, and the state will have more tax revenue coming in to help the citizens of the state. This is a fair trade between the gambling industry and the citizens of Florida. Tourists and vacationers will find the tracks more exciting, and some of the oldest tracks in the state can preserve their long heritage by offering slots to their customers.