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“Saipan” by P. Miller, (Pdmiller) – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

The Arrival of the First Legal Casino in Saipan

Casino games and gambling have finally come to Saipan! As of earlier in 2015, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands’ Lottery Commission allowed Hong Kong-listed Imperial Pacific Holdings Ltd. to have a casino on the Island of Saipan, the Commonwealth’s largest island, its center of government, and its capital. On May 7, 2015, the Saipan Zoning Board gave Best Sunshine International Ltd. conditional use for the casino’s future property. As per the previous agreement and arrangement, this casino and hotel resort will be at least fourteen stories, and it will also fulfill the two hundred fifty-four room requirement that was placed on the new casino. The first part of the new casino’s mission is for it to include at least three hundred gaming tables, five hundred slot machine games, and fifty gaming rooms. This casino is to be the first legal casino ever to be operated on the Island of Saipan and in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Because the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is a territory of the United Sates, Saipan and its casino must follow the guidelines set down by the United States concerning casinos. The casino on Saipan is the only one in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands due to the fact that no more casinos have been approved for any other part of the archipelago’s fifteen islands.

The Glorious Future for the Garapan Resort Casino

Development for Saipan’s Garapan Resort Casino has been promised $7.1 billion dollars. With over 4,500 rooms and villas, 3,500 slot machines, and 1,600 gaming tables, this extensive project is scheduled to be completed within the next sixteen months. The slot casino promises to be an extremely popular venue for tourists. Until the overall project is completed, there will be a temporary casino on Saipan, serving as a sign of things to come; this temporary casino will be just the start of the Garapan Resort Casino. As of July 2015, this temporary casino took its place in Saipan, and despite absolutely no advertisement on the casino’s part, several Chinese tourists showed up for the temporary casino’s soft opening. Due to the success of this soft opening, Saipan’s lottery commission approved of the casino’s ability to open up for live gaming. Saipan has officially joined the gaming world.

The Glorious Future for the Garapan Resort Casino

Online casino slots are a necessary addition to the gaming world, and with Saipan’s recent success, such benefits will no doubt be added to the gambling regime. What better way to captivate and interest future players than to have an online version for them to experiment with? As Saipan’s Garapan Resort Casino grows into a respectable gaming hall, players from around the world are going to be interested in making their way to the classy resort; it would be great if players could have access to an online version.
The Garapan Resort Casino promises to offer much to its players, and it will soon be attracting people from around the world. Once it is completed, the casino will undoubtedly become the first of a new trend. As it becomes more successful and more well-known, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands will possibly consider planning future casinos across the archipelago. Such additions will be an excellent source of revenue, and they will attract tourists to the islands. Saipan’s new casino is certain to be a well-planned advancement for the Commonwealth’s economy. It is also the beginning of a bright, new future for players in the gaming world.