Loosest Slots in Hawaii Slot Madness

Visitors flock to Hawaii for any number of reasons, but if you plan to go looking for the loosest slots in Hawaii you’re out of luck. Hawaii is one of two states where all forms of gambling, with very few minor exceptions, are illegal. Neighborhood poker parties are allowed as long as certain guidelines are followed, and certain charity events may get permits for bingo. There are no casinos, no pari-mutuel betting, and no state lottery. Ideas and proposals on legalizing limited gambling come up at nearly every legislative session and rarely get beyond committee.

The Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (HCALG) was created to help block gambling on any of the islands that make up the state. Their membership includes business leaders, clergy, and native Hawaiians who desire to keep the family-friendly ambiance, culture, and life-style that Hawaii is known for. The fear is that legal gambling would attract undesirable elements to the islands that in turn would elevate crime statistics as well as being detrimental to the overall tourist industry. This organization is very active in their determined efforts to block legalized gambling.

Proponents of legalizing casinos and other forms of gambling argue that it would be a boost to the state’s economy. Studies are being done on how best to offer gambling and what controls would have to be in place. One idea was to install slots at the airport for use by international travelers. Players would have to have an airline ticket with the flight leaving within 12 hours. Another plan called for a limited number of slots placed in the lobby of tourist hotels; players would have to show a room key to play. So far, no plans have been approved to allow the issue to move forward.

To date, the loosest slots in Hawaii will only be found at online casinos. The state does not approve of this form of gambling, yet may consider a state-controlled website for online play. Visit Hawaii for the natural beauty, the sand, surf, and sun, but bring along the laptop if you expect to play a few slots.