Vegas Three Card Rummy Vegas Three Card Rummy

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Everyone’s after a big hand. You want 21 in Blackjack. And eight or nine in Baccarat. In fact, you want a higher hand than the dealer in pretty much every Las Vegas-themed game. But not Vegas Three Card Rummy. The goal in this incredible Slot Madness game is to get the lowest possible hand.

Just place your bet and you’ll be dealt three cards, face up. You can decide to raise or fold your hand, but you’ll have the make the decision without seeing any of the dealer’s cards. The good news? If you hit a pair, a triple or any suited run (7, 8 suited, for example), it’s worth nothing. And remember, zero is a great number in Vegas Three Card Rummy.

Special Features

Vegas Three Card Rummy comes with a special bonus bet. To play the bonus bet, you need to place an ante bet, too. Bonus bets pay out as much as 100:1. You’ll get paid out for a bonus bet if you hit things like an Ace-2-3 suited run, a zero, or even any score from 1 through 12.

Download Vegas Three Card Rummy Now and Play for Free

Ready to try Vegas Three Card Rummy? Download the free Slot Madness app now and get started. You’ll get to play free Vegas Three Card Rummy for as long as you want, no questions asked. And even though this game is all about scoring the lowest number, we’ll hand you a really high 100% bonus on your first deposit.

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