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Ready to laugh all the way to the bank? Fire up Joker Poker and get ready to never stop smiling. This video poker game changes everything thanks to two Jokers in the deck, a crazy-rewarding hand ranking system, and payouts that will leave you giggling!

If you’re used to the standard hand ranking system of 5-Card Stud, you’re going to need to pay attention to this. The two Jokers in the deck mean a completely revamped hand ranking system. For the most part, everything from a pair of Kings or better to a Straight Flush is the same. But in Joker Poker, a Royal Flush isn’t the best and. You’ve got a Sequential Royal Flush, which means that the cards hit the felt in order. You also get paid out for Royals with Jokers and for 5-of-a-kind hands, too.

Special Features

Just when you thought hitting 5-of-a-kind was rewarding enough, Joker Poker invites you to double your winnings in a player vs. dealer competition. And this bonus round doesn’t require any strategy or thinking. Just pick a card and if it’s higher than the dealer’s card, you double your winnings. It’s that easy!

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All set to experience the madness that is Joker Poker? Download the free Slot Madness app and take the game for a spin – for free. When you’re ready to win real money, your first deposit gets you a 400% bonus. We told you playing this game was crazy!

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