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If you’re looking for one of our best casino games with a super-low house edge, you’ll want to pull up a seat and play Baccarat at Slot Madness. The house edge in this one is just 1.06% – one of the lowest you’ll find anywhere and a big reason why Baccarat is insanely popular at Slot Madness.

Playing and winning this online casino card game is easy. Just choose to bet on the banker’s hand or the player’s hand. Then, watch the cards deal out. Whichever hand gets closer to nine is the winning hand. It’s that easy.

Special Features

Baccarat at Slot Madness plays just like Baccarat at a casino. That means you get rewarded big time if you bet on a tie and the banker and player hands match – that’s eight times your bet. That means if you drop $100 on a tie, and the hands tie, you’ll get paid $800. Not bad.

If you want something similar but different from Baccarat, you can also play Blackjack online for big money – where the biggest hand wins!

Download Baccarat Now and Play for Free

Ready to see how the cards play out? Download the Slot Madness slot casino now. It’s free to create an account and you can check out the game without betting real money. When you’re ready to beat the house for real money, we’ll hook you up with a 400% bonus on your deposit. We told you good fortune was in the cards!

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