Babushka Babushka

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Ready for a souvenir from Russia that does more than just sit in a dining room cabinet? Enter the world of Babushka, an online slots adventure that’s themed after those popular Russian dolls.

If you’ve ever played with a Russian doll, you know that they seem to go on forever. Open one doll up and there’s another inside. And another. And another. In Babushka, it’s the rewards that never seem to end. Just land on three Mr. Babushka symbols and you enter free game mode where you’ll earn two free games for every Mr. Babushka that you hit!

Special Features

It’s not just the free bonus round and hitting the right combination of symbols that leads to big rewards. Babushka features three random jackpots – a major one that resets at $1,000, a minor one that resets at $250, and a Mini one that resets at $50. With three jackpots, it’s so easy to discover big money in one of those dolls.

Download Babushka Now and Play for Free

Want to find out what’s inside Babushka for yourself? Download the free Slot Madness app. You get access to Babushka plus all the other Slot Madness games. You also get a 400% bonus on your first deposit. That’s more money in your pocket – when you least expect it.

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