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Think you’re king of the slots? Then it’s time to join the king of the forest in the ultimate hunt for riches. African Skies drops you in the middle of a majestic African safari, complete with lions, tigers, zebras, and other stunning creatures of the jungle.

But there’s more to this game than just hanging out with ferocious beasts in their own domain. In this online slots game, it’s all about owning the jungle by hitting the right symbols. Land on three lion symbols and you’ll earn 10 free games with triple prizes. And if you hit three or more sunset symbols, you’ll earn 15 free games with double prizes. That’s all on top of getting rewarded big for matching the right jungle symbols.

Special Features

In African Skies, one jackpot isn’t enough. After all, the king of the forest deserves a princely sum. So this online slots game is packed with lots of jackpots. Not one. Five of them. It’s all thanks to a special jackpot pyramid that’s worth as much as $75,000.

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