Casino Game Updates and Improvements

“Blackjack board”
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Casino Game Updates and Improvements

Bringing online casino games to life is the new intention of a hotel developer in the Philadelphia area. The hotel they are renovating has over 400 rooms, and the hotel is going to bring gaming to patrons in brand new ways. Visitors to the hotel will be met with one of the first online gaming lounges in the world that is running in real life, and the changes to the casino will make the nomadic player feel more at home.

#1: The Atlantic City Model

This hotel is located in the center of Philadelphia, but it is a prototype for what the developers believe Atlantic City can be in the future. Atlantic City is the gambling capitol of the east coast, and it is in a period of transition. This hotel is what Atlantic City really might look like in the future because gamblers from all over the world would flock there to get their fix. Bringing gambling like video poker and slot play to the rooms is just one more way for hotels to cater to their guests.

#2: The Game Tables

The interactive game tables that are used in the rooms bring gaming to guests who prefer not to leave their rooms. The tables carry games that players may typically enjoy on the casino floor, and there are games included that are featured only in online casinos. Slotmadness has a HUGE variation of these types of casino games to check out if you haven’t yet.

#3: How The Tables Work

The LED displays from these tables allow for touchscreen features that are just like playing the game on a tablet or smartphone. Users do not need to have live cards in front of them, and the software for the table runs the games just as a dealer would.

The LED tables are made in different sizes and heights for different players. The rooms will feature blackjack tables with high stools as if you are sitting at the blackjack tables, and the poker tables are set much lower. The online games are made into coffee tables that are easy to reach from a couch or a chair. The design of the room is dictated by the kinds of games in each room, and you get a different sensory experience from each game.

#4: Casino Improvements

The casino has been improved in many other ways outside the rooms. The casino floor is going through a complete renovation that will update the style to something that is much more modern. There is a walk-in gym that patrons can use at any time during the day, and there will be a light show on the façade of the building. This update is going to change the hotel from a location in Philadelphia into a complete reflection of the way hotels are made in Las Vegas.

#5: The New Casino Experience

Players who visited casinos of the past had to get up and get ready to head to the casino floor. Today’s players may emerge from their beds at any hour to play a game that is located in their room. The gym in the casino helps players stay in shape, and a new casino floor presents a much more pleasing place to be.

The casino improvements noted here are meant to turn just one hotel into a gambling mecca that could be just like the casinos of the future in Atlantic City. These changes are a lot to take in, but they are well worth the visit to the city.