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Casino Based on ‘Wizard of OZ’ Opens in New York

In New York, a Native American tribe has opened a “Wizard of Oz”-themed casino near the city of Syracuse.

Dubbed as the Yellow Brick Road Casino, this new gambling establishment is built on reservation territory near the Chittenago grocery store. The inspiration for the casino’s themes comes from the town of Chittenago itself. Chittenago was the home of ‘Wizard of Oz’ author L. Frank Baum, so the casino owners thought that the Oz theme was perfect for the area.

Although Yellow Brick Road Casino is fairly small in comparison to nearby Native American casinos, it is expected to attract a fair amount of players due to a wide selection of games. In the casino’s Wizard Hall, players can try their luck at winning cash by playing bingo. On the main floor, players can enjoy various games due to its inventory of 441 slot machines. These casino slot games range from penny slots to fairly high stakes. According to Oneida representative Ray Halbritter, the Yellow Brick Road Casino also plans to add table games in the near future. Visitors of the Yellow Brick Road Casino can also enjoy food and cocktails at the Winged Money.

While this new Chittenago casino does not have some of the more luxurious options offered at the nearby Turning Stones casino, it is expected to be very successful. Since the Yellow Brick Road Casino is located just outside of Syracuse, it is expected to profit from the population of the city. This close location may attract players who would not be necessarily regular casino-goers. This also provides the added benefit of attracting players who would like to stop in for a couple hours instead of planning an entire weekend getaway. The unique Oz-inspired theme may also help this casino be successful.

Owners of the Yellow Brick Road Casino believe that it will be very easy to make a profit for a number of reasons. They have stated that the Yellow Brick Road Casino’s minimalist style, low operational costs, and strategic location will secure its future as a lucrative endeavor.